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Registered office: 83, Wembley Avenue, Lancing, West Sussex. BN15 9JY

Tel: 0845 4564 110 or +44 (0)1903 754525 from outside UK

Head Office:  83, Wembley Avenue, Lancing, West Sussex. BN15 9JY


The company was originally established as a mixed consultancy to bring together the consultancy activities of the directors, with the mission of providing exemplary planning, management and support services to clients.

We have in-depth skills and experience.  Our directors, consultants and associates all have many years of senior-level industry experience in providing telecommunications solutions, change management, project management, quality programmes and Business Excellence assessments to businesses both in the private and public sectors.

Additional specialist areas are Investors in Excellence (IiE) and business continuity planning. and in particular the use of the EFQM Business Excellence Model as a business improvement diagnostic mechanism

Recent events in the UK and abroad have greatly increased concern amongst directors about business continuity planning. The initial development of a BCP and the need for regular updates can be very expensive if undertaken solely by external consultants. Although we are always happy to provide a fully inclusive “deliver to the board” package, we can also, more economically, embed the techniques into your organisation and support the process as much as is required. Call Alan Phillips on 08454 564110 to discuss the options.

In addition, in response to demand from clients, Micrograce has developed a service as supplier and installer of second-user and new MD110 and Business Phone hardware to both trade and end user customers. This part of the business has grown very rapidly, so to avoid confusion with the core business of Micrograce Limited and to provide an improved marketing focus for this part of the business the sales activity is in the process of being transferred to our new subsidiary, Complete Telecoms Limited.

For more information on these services:

Phone: +44 (0)845 4564 110 (or +44 (0)1903 754525 from outside the UK)


Email Address: enquiries@micrograce.co.uk.co.uk

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83, Wembley Avenue, Lancing, West Sussex. BN15 9JY

Tel: 0845 4564 110 or +44 (0)1903 754525 from outside UK

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