Many larger organisations make use of their own fixed networks and sophisticated technology to ensure that they can route external call cost-effectively. Typically this requires extensive capital investment and skilled staff to support it

Now you can make use of the latest technology to route your calls by the cheapest method Ė without the necessity for capital costs or telecomms support staff.

Our service provider uses the latest carrier pre-select technology providing the most flexible method of obtaining cheaper calls. By this method your calls can be routed by the cheapest method and has the advantage over conventional methods that you do not need diallers or switchboard programming.


  • Reduce your call charges
  • No need to change your lines or numbers
  • No connection or installation costs
  • No minimum contract
  • Suitable for all phone and fax lines
  • Fully supported service for faster connection and greater service reliability
  • For outbound campaigns we can even screen your calls against the Telephone Preference Service database, avoiding possible penalties and avoiding the need for you to maintain a TPS database.
  • For training or security purposes your calls can be recorded, selectively retrieved by you and downloaded as necessary.
  • The service provider will manage the connection process
  • Additional BT services such as 1471 and 1571 are unaffected
  • Call routing is automatic so there are no additional dial codes or extra equipment.
  • Billing is by post or online
  • Our service providerís competitive business call rates ensure that our customers make large cost savings on the cost of their outbound calls.



    When you call out from the telephone at your premises BT recognises your number and routes the call to the service providerís switching centre, which verifies the customerís number before routing the call to its destination by the most economical route.


    Pay as you go call conferencing

    Through our service provider call conferencing can be provided at the competitive rate of 6.73p/min plus VAT

    It is a simple and convenient process, which allows you to arrange voice conferencing anytime (24/7/365) without the need for pre-registration or specialist equipment.

    Call 0845 4564 110 to discuss your requirements

    (or +44 (0)1903 754525 from outside the UK)


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