Create the right impression for your business

For many of your customers the telephone is their only “window” into your organisation. You will be judged by the speed and efficiency by which you handle their calls. Give your business all the benefits of the latest telephone technology without the need for capital expenditure or expensive support overheads.

We can provide a complete telecoms solution for your business with the provision of the most advanced service features at the minimum cost.

(All services are arranged through leading-edge service provider, which is a licensed business telecommunications carrier. With a UK wide network, it has over 65 points of presence and is one of the largest carriers of inbound traffic in the UK.


            OUTBOUND CALLS

LEAST COST ROUTING - cut the costs

CALL CONFERENCING - pay as you go


            INBOUND CALLS

 – putting you in control and creating the right impression for your customers

ROUTING INBOUND CALLS - to the right place or the right person.

ROUTING BY CALL RATIO - spread the load effectively

ROUTING BY GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION - direct to your local branch


RECORDED MESSAGES - tell your customers what is happening

MANAGING THE QUEUE - handle large numbers of calls effectively

    Key Customer Prioritisation-

    Data Capture for contact details-

    On Hold Message and queue position


RECORDED VOICE ANNOUNCEMENTS - general customer updates or information services

CAPTURE DATA - smooth the flow of calls

CALL RECORDING - for training and security

MANAGING YOUR CALLS - you stay in control

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION - plan for efficiency

MONITOR MARKETING CAMPAIGNS - make the most of your marketing budget



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